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Bhutan’s climate hurdles

The intergovernmental panel on climate change issued a damning report on the future of the earth’s climate if we continue to sit and watch. 

As if to drive home the message of the report, Bhutan in the past few weeks witnessed a summer like never before. Massive landslides removing entire stretches of roads, bridges, and threatening human settlements and livelihoods.

Buddha Teachings

In his 45-year teaching career, the Buddha gave teachings to a wide variety of people. Those who came to him fell into three main groups — as people also do today. Buddha gave them different teachings, which can be classified into different types of Buddhism.

Bhutan’s art, architecture and Handicrafts

Bhutan’s rich tradition of arts, architecture and handicrafts is a vital aspect of our unique cultural heritage. Passed down from generation to generation since the ancient times, our artistic traditions have survived and flourished for many centuries. Today, they form an integral part of the history, culture and the distinctive identity of the Bhutanese people.

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