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Offering flowers and incense to all the Buddhas
For eons as numerous as the grains of sand in the Ganges
Would bring but a fraction of the merit gained
From taking seven steps in the direction of retreat

– Longchenpa

Today, the practice and study of Bhutan’s ancient tradition of retreatant Vajrayana practitioners is threatened by economic and social challenges. To help ensure the survival of all the great Buddhist lineages and retreat practice, as well as the Buddhadharma in general, Longchenpa Tours & Treks is dedicated to supporting remote communities of retreat practitioners by various means – initially by providing staples for sustenance and warmth, then supporting the installation of amenities for cooking and ablutions. 

Through the activities of Longchenpa Tours and Trekking, our vision is to contribute to supporting the material needs of young dharma practitioners and lay practitioners who aspire to undertake the three years retreat program and so encourage and support the preservation of this ancient tradition of authentic Vajrayana practice and teaching. 

Our vision also includes our commitment to sharing with our guests Who come to explore Bhutan with us, an authentic experience of Bhutan in all its wonder and rich offerings and guide them in a sincere connection with the heart of our ancient culture.

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