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Kuzuzangpola! Welcome to Longchenpa Tours & Treks and to our unique Niche Tours, designed for visitors who want to explore beyond the surface of our remote and beautiful Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

We promise an authentic, intimate and unforgettable experience of our rich culture and history, our diverse natural environment and our inspiring Buddhist spiritual heritage.

We are inspired by our vision to support Bhutan’s ancient tradition of retreatant Dharma practitioners and we invite you to come join us, sharing our practice of generosity, as we guide you on an adventure of a lifetime in Drukyul – Land of The Thunder Dragon.

Design your own unique experience … with us, for you.

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Bhutan’s climate hurdles

The intergovernmental panel on climate change issued a damning report on the future of the earth’s climate if we continue to sit and watch.

As if to drive home the message of the report, Bhutan in the past few weeks witnessed a summer like never before. Massive landslides removing entire stretches of roads, bridges, and threatening human settlements and livelihoods.

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