I was so happy to have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful sacred sites in Bhutan with Rinzin.  His knowledge and insight to the significance of these places and the many nuances associated with them and the temples within them made so much difference.  On earlier visits with larger groups, I of course enjoyed the sites we visited, but this time was incomparable – something very special indeed for which I will be forever grateful.  At Taksang, even guides with other groups were asking Rinzin to explain to their party the significance of the various shrines and statues!

I had the great pleasure and honour to do a spiritual tour around Bhutan in October 2017, Chimi Rinzin was one of our tour guides, translator and mentor. It was not just the beautiful places,temples, and teachings received that made the trip so memorable and enjoyable, it was the people and the guides.
Chimi is a special person, his dedication to spiritual path is unfaltering, his compassion and heart felt gratitude for life is so genuine and heart warming, whilst remaining witty and easy going.
His knowledge of Bhutan is profound, because it does not come from a guide book, it is past down thru generations and is a lived passion, whats more his willingness to share this knowledge, wisdom and compassion is second to none.
Longchenpa tours will not only take you on a tour, they will take you on a spiritual journey, where the amazing scenery and temples are only a part of the ride. 
I not only recommend Lonchempa tours but strongly suggest you seriously consider going on a journey with them. I hope to be back in the not to distant future myself and maybe our paths will cross.
Steven wescott

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