5 Day Bumdra Trek

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Tour Highlights
  • Revel in the awe-inspiring vistas of majestic mountain scenery.
  • Explore the untouched beauty of pristine alpine landscapes.
  • Encounter the serenity of remote monasteries nestled along the journey.
  • Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Punakha and Thimphu through sightseeing.
  • Embark on the legendary Tiger’s Nest hike.

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Tour fact

Max Elevation:4000m

Min Elevation:2400 m

No.of days:5 days

Grade: Moderate




Plan:3 star hotel

Options: 4 or 5 star hotel

Upon arrival at Paro International Airport, Trekkers are greeted with a warm welcome by the guide, who extends special greetings on behalf of the King of Bhutan. The day's itinerary is designed to facilitate acclimatization to the altitude.

The journey proceeds to the capital city, Thimphu, with a stop at Tagcho Monastery along the way. Here, travelers have the opportunity to stretch their legs, take in the serene surroundings, and walk across a suspension bridge. Upon reaching Thimphu, the exploration continues with a visit to the Memorial Chorten, where participants can join locals in experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of Bhutan.The day concludes with a relaxing dinner in Thimphu, where participants spend the night, gearing up for the adventures ahead.

Today's journey takes us to Punakha, and en route, we make a brief stop at Dochula Pass. Here, participants can enjoy panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges and take a short nature walk within the forest.

Descending to Punakha, the itinerary includes a visit to the magnificent Punakha Dzong, a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture situated at the confluence of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers. Following lunch, the exploration continues with a visit to Chimi Lhakang, a temple associated with the "Divine Madman" and known for its unique history and traditions.

After visiting Punakha, we return to Thimphu by evening. Participants can then explore the lively Thimphu town, immersing themselves in its unique cultural offerings and local atmosphere.


In the early morning, the journey commences with a drive to Paro Sang Choekhor Village, serving as the starting point for the trek at an altitude of 2900 meters. Beginning with a visit to the temple in the village, trekkers will gently ascend along the mountain path.The trek offers stunning views of ancient forests and the Himalayan ranges, adding vibrant colors and interest to the journey. A midday break includes lunch, with the guide and helpers ensuring a more enjoyable and convenient trekking experience. The team provides assistance to participants, enhancing the overall trekking adventure.
The trek concludes as participants reach Bumdrak Monastery, situated at an elevation of 3900 meters. This serene location becomes the campsite for the night, offering breathtaking views of mountains and a landscape covered in lush forests. The camping experience at Bumdrak Monastery provides an opportunity for tranquility and a deep connection to the surrounding natural atmosphere. Participants can immerse themselves in the peaceful surroundings, making for a memorable and serene night on the trek.

In the morning's fresh air and against the stunning backdrop, Trekkers visit Bumdra Monastery, perched on a cliff and renowned as a sacred site with "thousand footprints of Dakini." Following breakfast, the descent begins towards Tiger's Nest Monastery, navigating through lush forests and enjoying spectacular views.After a two-hour hike, Trekkers will arrive at Yoesel-gang Monastery, offering a spectacular view of the mountains and Paro Valley. The descent continues further to Zangtopelri Temple, located at the top of the Tiger's Nest Monastery. From this elevated point, we can witness the stunning beauty of the Paro Valley.

Continuing the descent, participants reach the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery. Along the trail, they encounter Ugyen-tse Monastery, where they can take a moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains and Paro Valley. The journey culminates at the Tiger's Nest Monastery, perched on a cliff at 900 meters on a Rocky Mountain. Here, participants can immerse themselves in the cultural and spiritual significance of this remarkable site, making it a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Following the descent to Paro Valley, participants will take a short break at Taksang Viewpoint, where they can enjoy lunch and soak in the spectacular views. In the evening, a leisurely stroll through Paro Town offers an opportunity for shopping, collecting souvenirs, and selecting gifts. The night concludes with a farewell dinner at the hotel, marking the final night in Bhutan and providing a chance to reflect on the memorable journey.

At the break of dawn, participants commence their journey to Paro International Airport, extending heartfelt wishes for a safe return home or onward to their next destination. Bhutan has many more enchanting hiking routes waiting to be explored, and you are always welcome to return for more adventures in the future. we hope to see you again for another memorable hiking journey

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